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What is BILD Print Media? BILD Print Media is a product line which offers printable vinyl for durable graphic floors as well as printable fabrics for backlit backdrops, pole banners, pull up banners and temporary floor graphics.
What is BILD G-Floor Graphics made of? BILD G-Floor Graphics vinyl print media is constructed of 100% polyvinyl throughout the entire product without any layers or laminates. It does not contain paper, clay or foam fillers, like many competitors, which can deteriorate quicker, especially if it becomes wet. Its solid, seamless construction makes it the most durable vinyl print media/graphic flooring on the market.
What surface textures is BILD G-Floor Graphics print media available? Standard stock textures include Ceramic, Super Smooth and Woodgrain. Other textures are available for custom order including Diamond Tread, Levant and Small Coin.
What colors are available for BILD G-Floor Graphics print media? BILD G-Floor Graphics is available in Clear, Absolute White, Midnight Black and Slate Grey.
In what thicknesses is BILD G-Floor Graphics print media available in? BILD G-Floor Graphics is available in Clear material, in 35 mil, 50 mil and 75 mil thickness, available in Ceramic, Super Smooth and Woodgrain surface texture.  Absolute White material is available in 35 mil and 75 mil thickness, in Super Smooth and Ceramic surface texture and 85 mil thickness in Super Smooth surface texture.  Midnight Black and Slate Grey material is available in 75 mil thickness, in Ceramic surface texture.
Can BILD G-Floor Graphics be used outdoors? Yes, BILD G-Floor Graphics solid print media is the perfect fit for outdoor use. It should be adhered for best results. BILD G-Floor Graphics clear print media can be used in some cases, although heavy or prolonged water exposure can cause the material to cloud slightly, but once dry, the material will return to its normal clarity. The use of BILD G-Floor Graphics in extreme cold temperatures is not recommended. BILD G-Floor Graphics should be tested in an outdoor application prior to the installation of the product.
Is BILD G-Floor Graphics print media stable? Yes, BILD G-Floor Graphics print media has UV inhibitors built into the product. Tests have shown that 3 year light fastness can be achieved with BILD G-Floor Graphics print media. The end user must determine their individual end use requirements and suitability for their application.
Can I print on BILD G-Floor Graphics? BILD G-Floor Graphics 75 mil thick print media is designed for the most demanding of applications and is only printable with Grand Format solvent, UV digital and screen printing equipment. BILD G-Floor Graphics 75 mil print media will not run through Roland, Mimaki or Mutoh type narrow format, ecosolvent printer. The material has a minimum thickness of 0.075” and print heads need to be adjusted accordingly. BILD G-Floor Graphics 35 mil clear print media can be printed on large format, eco-solvent printers that can accommodate 0.035in thick materials, as well as litho presses.
Will this material work with a vacuum? No, if your printer uses a vacuum, it is suggested that the edges of the material are taped down or use a jig (such as a peg board) between the material and top of the bed and turn off the vacuum on the printer.
I don't have white ink on my machine.  What are my options? A white PSA may be laminated or a white latex primer can be applied with a roller or a airless sprayer. When rolling the primer onto the BILD G-Floor Graphics print media, we recommend applying two thin coats instead of one heavy coat. When printing on BILD G-Floor Graphics print media with solvent inks let them de-gas and cure for 24 hours prior to the application of white primer.
Are there any types of support products or accessories for BILD G-Floor Graphics? Yes, there are recommended products for seaming, adhering and finishing. Visit our Accessories page for more information:
Do I need adhesives with BILD G-Floor Graphics? BILD G-Floor Graphics print media can be applied permanently or in temporary applications with the use of adhesives. Adhesives are not required, but will assist with holding the material in place. All standard flooring adhesives and roll adhesives, used for mounting digital applications, are suitable for use with this product.
What forms of backing can be used and why? Many distributors stock an anti-slip backing product with a clear adhesive on the back. It is a rayon fabric coated with a semi-rough, black polyvinyl slip resistant coating. It is sold on 54” x 25’ rolls. Closed Cell Neoprene Foam, Rubber, Felt and other backing materials may also be used, but are not standard stocking items.
How do I clean BILD G-Floor Graphics? Keep surfaces clean by frequently removing dry soil with a broom or vacuum. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Surface is easily washed with soap and water. Mild soaps and other commercial detergents suitable for vinyl floors are usually effective. Never leave harsh detergents or chemicals on product. Built up soil may require mopping or scrubbing with a water solution containing a mild cleaner recommended for vinyl flooring.

When a second surface printing process is used (recommended for all BILD G-Floor Graphics clear print media), because the ink is not on the surface, it can be cleaned with any products that are suitable for vinyl flooring. BILD G-Floor Graphics print media can also be vacuumed, polished or waxed in commercial applications.
How do I install BILD G-Floor Graphics? See our installation guide.
Is BILD G-Floor Graphics stain proof? BILD G-Floor Graphic print media products are stain resistant, but not stain proof. Certain dyes, inks, rubber tires, and chemicals may cause permanent staining.  Never use harsh chemicals such as tar remover or kerosene on this product as they can damage the surface.
Is BILD G-Floor Graphics slip resistant? BILD G-Floor Graphic print media products pass all ASTM requirements for slip resistance on both wet and dry surfaces. As with any flooring, we recommend you use caution when the flooring is wet as it may be slippery.
How can I find someone to print on BILD Print Media products? The manufacturer Better Life Technology has a list of printers who have been through the certification process and are experts at printing BILD Print Media products - both vinyl and fabrics.  You can find a list of them here:
What applications are best suited for BILD G-Floor Graphics? Free floating applications or permanent installations; Use for high traffic areas; Promote products throughout stores; Stand out at tradeshows; Promote your next event;  Create a visual brand experience; Grab the attention of a variety of audiences through images.
What substrates can I install BILD G-Floor Graphics? Smooth surfaces, Countertops, Sealed Concrete, Metal, Wood, Tile
What is the warranty on BILD G-Floor Graphics? Feel confident in the BILD G-Floor Graphic print media products with a 3-Year, Limited Warranty
What does the BILD product name mean? BILD is a German word meaning "Image".  BILD is also an acronym for Build an Image with Lasting Durability.
What are appropriate installation types for BILD G-Floor Graphics? BILD G-Floor Graphics can be used in a variety of installation types including Repositionable, Temporary, and
Is this a hard plastic or is there some flexibility to it? The material is 100% polyvinyl without heavy layers or fillers that make other vinyl print media more stiff. Even the heaviest 75 Mil item is not a "hard plastic" - BILD G-Floor Graphic material is flexible and not likely to crack. 
Is this flooring sustainably manufactured and recyclable? Better Life Technology manufacturers BILD G-Floor Graphic material using eco-friendly practices. And yes, vinyl is also a recyclable product. Find out more at: 
How can I use BILD Print Media products to enhance customer experiences? The manufacturer of BILD Print Media products is Better Life Technology. They have a great blog which provides some examples of how BILD G-Floor Graphics material is commonly used.  You can read that blog here:
Can BILD G-Floor Graphic print media be used on an off-set / litho printer? Absolutely!  BILD G-Floor Graphics 35 mil thick print material is perfect for the offset / litho printing industry.  Available in 28" x 40" sheets, this material is perfect for counter top mats, floor mats and so much more!
Does BILD G-Floor Graphic material need to acclimate before printing on it? All material must be unpackaged and acclimated in the print environment for 24 hours before printing.
What is the temperature range the material should be printed on? Negative 15 degrees to 160 degrees F. Although BILD G-Floor Graphic print media remains flexible in cold, shock cracking can occur. For sheet stock, all remaining material should remain flat, the comers protected and remain on the original skid. For rolled product, all remaining material should be rolled tight on the original core and placed back in the original tube.  Cooler temperatures can slow the recovery rate for the material to lay flat, resulting in a “wavy” material when laid down. Warming material will quickly bring it to a relaxed state for optimum printing. For best results, let the material acclimate to room temperature 24 hours prior to printing.
How do I cut and trim BILD G-Floor Graphic print media? It is recommended to use flatbed finishing equipment with drag knives when cutting BILD print media. Cold Steel Rule Die Cutting is also approved as a finishing product. Routing is not recommended as excessive heat from the router may cause the material to produce undesirable edges.