About Us

Welcome to BILDPrintMedia.com (company name G-Products, LLC), the secure, trusted ecommerce site devoted solely to offering printers direct access to BILD® Print Media products, including BILD G-Floor® Graphics printable vinyl flooring and BILD Fabric Print Media. While many other online retailers sell vinyl and fabric for custom printed graphics, BILDPrintMedia.com chooses to carry only the exclusive BILD product line of the most durable, premium 100% polyvinyl flooring and resell only the highest-quality Endutex printable fabrics available on the market today.

Why only BILD? We believe Better Life Technology™ manufactures the best vinyl print media for custom floors Made in the USA. G-Floor Graphics is respected worldwide for its unmatched, solid vinyl construction without fillers, foams or laminates, so it outlasts and outperforms other vinyl products, making it the longest lasting commercial flooring for marketing, branding, advertising and a wide array of other applications. In addition, the BILD Fabrics family features Endutex fabrics for custom printing, the leading European producer of textiles for roll up promotional displays, wall coverings, flooring and more.  

With expert product knowledge, dependable shipping and tracking, flexible returns and an industry-leading warranty, we’ve got your print media needs covered at BILDPrintMedia.com!